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IDS targets ESA Claimants with Mental Health Again!



The Minister for DWP  strikes at those too ill to work yet again with another announcement to come tommorrow to get more disabled people into work. This man has failed in his quest to reduce those claiming ESA because they ‘Are Too Ill’ which is why they remain on benefits,the thing he forgets is his failed Work Programme  failed those needing support on more levels than he or employers are prepared to admit,instead he blames the claimant for his failings ,when the Government  tell everyone to take responsibility for ensuring they seek work. They brazenly say they found more jobs for disabled people when this has been proven not to be the case, they have recently been found to have flagrantly fabricated sanction leaflets when Campaigners and Press took to Twitter after Welfare Weekly  the online welfare news service broke the story.

The Labour MP Debbie Abrahams this week called for his P45 to be issued pronto and yet still he remains in office. This man is 20 steps removed from reality with the court also demanding that he releases the benefit death statistics which are due on 27th August with a Tribunal hearing on 10th November regarding this matter.

He now plans to push more claimants into non existent jobs with a Iapt/CBT programme for those with Mental Health issues which tantamount to coercion or force them into treatment which in itself is a human rights abuse, and will cause more harm to those claimants,which DWP admitted this week.

The two issues he fails to address is that there are around 650,000 jobs vacant in UK with approx  2.5 million unemployed that is without adding severely ill claimants on top, and the second issue is employers will not employ many disabled people because they are not as productive and need time off when they are sick .Now my maths were never a strong point but I would say he is at least just under 2 million jobs short for those who are able bodied and in good health. This is just another brutal attack on the weakest in society to remove the welfare state as we know it and deny those who he claims to want to protect money to survive on with all the extra costs a disabled person needs to live independantly

Disabled people have fought back using social media and demonstrations across the country using their voices to raise awareness to their harrrowing experiences and deaths  of many claimants they know. Already the claimants in the work related activity group (WRAG) have already seen that new claimants will have their money reduced to Jobseekers Allowance rates which is a £30 a week drop from £103 wk to £73  a week for over 25’s and even less for young people many who also face many other cuts on top of the ones already announced.

It is time for the public to stop this abuse of disabled people and their families before we have thousands more deaths hitting our headlines daily.These people are human beings with in some cases with very severe disabilities, we need to take care of those who need support.